During a smaller concert in the 00 dome, Motomiya Hikari approached the stage.

"As I'm sure you are all aware," she spoke in a mic, and her face was projected on the big screen behind her, "150th generation understudy Shibuya Komari is absent today. There is a reason for that. Tomorrow afternoon will our next major concert take place."

An excited murmur echoed through the concert hall.

"The name for that concert will be 'Komari Revolution', Shibuya Komari's successoin concert."


  • Aitakatta (Aoi, Haruko, Rei, Tomorin, Natsuki)
    • MC 1 (Aoi, Haruko, Rei, Tomorin, Natsuki)
  • 10 Krone to Pan (Sayuri, Megumi, Akano, Diamond, Ran)
  • Do Re Mi Fa onchi (Yukari, all)
  • Blue rose (Ai, Kirara, Yukari, Yumeko)
    • MC 2 (Ai, Kirara, Yukari, Yumeko)
  • Hashire! Penguin (Akano, all)
  • Keibetsu shite ita aijou (Ai, all)
    • MC 3 Shibuya Komari Succession announcement (Komari)
  • Ue Kara Mariko (Komari, all)
  • Shoujotachi yo (Komari, all)
    • MC 4 (all)
  • Arigatou (Komari, all)