Kokone Aozora
Aozora Kokone
Radiance ColourFrench Rose
Birthday DateJune 11
Home PlanetAikabastar (Originally Florastar)
Height161 cm
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourLight Brown and Dark Pink
Favourite songBokutachi wa Tatakawanai
Desired NameUnsure of who, but maybe Kojima Haruna or Shimazaki Haruka
SeiyuuAlfakyun. (Utaite)

"What a world we all live in, singing and dancing for others, while having fun and living our dreams."

Kokone Aozora is a cheerful and confident girl, who is currenty an Understudy and is part of the 152nd Generation of AKB0048. She is known as Kokone and Cocoa.


Kokone has medium length light brown hair, and as it goes down, it changes into dark pink. She usually wears her hair up into a side ponytail and on her hairtie is an everlasting pink rose from her original homeworld, Florastar. She has big blue eyes and fair skin.

She often wears very colorful clothes and usually she wears clothes that the colors match her mood.


Kokone is laid-back, confident, cheerful and fearless. She is not afraid to speak her mind, which sometimes causes her to sound rude or mean, but she does care about her friends. She is quite fearless, she isn't scared of DES or worried about getting hurt. Kokone doesn't hesitate to help someone in need and will do anything to help people, even the own cost of her life. Kokone is quite cheerful and bubbly, always wanting to make people smile and be happy. Shes never gloomy or sad and is always very positive and happy, because she knows that there are a lot more people who have more problems and struggles in life, and Kokone wants to help them through music.


Before 00Edit

Life on FlorastarEdit

Kokone was born on the planet Florastar and grew up there. Florastar was known for the planets beautiful flowers that bloom all around the year and the yearly "Cherry Blossom Shower", which is Kokone's favorite part about her planet. The plant also has a very special kind of flower that only blooms on Florastar, it is called an everlasting rose. Everlasting roses do not wilt or die once picked, but it can die if not taken good care of. Kokone's mother made her a hairtie out of a everylasting pink rose when Kokone was little, and has been wearing it everyday since. Florastar was completely free from the Entertainment Ban and AKB0048 was very popular there.

But when DES did come to Florastar, they burned the flowers and forests to mine. Kokone and her family were forced to flee the planet and feld to Akibastar. Kokone was upset and sad due to DES and being forced to leave her homeplanet, which she loved so much. Although, if it wasn't for this, Kokone would not have gone to Akibastar were her idols were, which made her forgive DES.

Joining AKBEdit



Aozora (青空)means "blue sky".

Kokone (心音) means "sound of the heart".



Achievements Edit

|Lucky Ranking=

  • SC0125 - #12


  • KISEKI - Her first A-Side song and is part of the Senbatsu.



  • She loves chocolate very much.
    • This is also the reason why one of her nicknames is "Cocoa".
  • She can change the tone of her voice and make it either mature, sweet/cute or boyish.
    • Although she prefers using her normal voice, which is in between her mature and sweet/cute voice.
  • Her favorite seasons is fall or autumn and spring.
  • Her kirara is in the shape of a heart.
  • Her favorite flowers are cherry blossoms and roses.
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