Miru Asahina
Asahina Miru
Radiance ColourPink Purple
Birthday DateOctober 4
Home PlanetLancastar
Eye ColourPink Purple
Hair ColourDark Pink
Favourite songPonytail to ShuShu
Green Flash
Desired NameKashiwagi Yuki
SeiyuuHimika Akaneya

"Sometimes it's hard, but we just need to have faith!"

Miru Asahina is a 13 year old girl from the planet Lancastar and is currently an Understudy from the 151st Generation. She is a happy and cheerful girl with a smiling face, wanting to become the next Successor of Kashiwagi Yuki. She is also known as Mirurin and Miruru.


Miru has long dark pink wavy hair, small pink purple eyes and fair skin. She usually wears simple, yet stylish clothing. Dresses and skirts are what Miru usually wears.

She likes to wear fashionable clothes and designs some of the clothes she wears. At times, Miru also wears pants, but rarely, and her hair is down almost all the time.


Miru is a happy, cheerful, and passionate girl. Optimistic and faithful about her friends and different situations in her and others lifes, Miru almost always has a smiling face. Even in hard times, she still has faith that AKB will be able to bring happiness and smiles to the gallaxy. At times, Miru can also be blunt and say things without thinking twice about it, at times she can be pushy as well. She can also be a bit of an airhead and clueless at times.


Due to living in Lancastar, Miru has a hard time trying to see and listen to AKB0048. She enjoyed their music and wanted to smiles and see others smile when she performs. Aoi and Miru are best friends, despite being one year apart.

Joining AKB0048Edit

When Miru first tried joining the 150th generation of AKB, she failed the audition. Once her best friend, Hoshimiya Aoi, went and auditioned for 00, Miru was happy that she heard that she passed the audition. Miru felt sad that she didn't pass, but cheered for Aoi and made her a pink ribbon when she left and Aoi told her to audition next time.

Once AKB announced that they are now open for the 151st generation, Miru auditions and passes the first round. She manages to pass the whole audition due to her voice and passion.

During the auditions, Miru meets Ashley and Akari, and for Miru, they become friends. While practicing using micsabers, Miru teams up with Akari, Ashley and Zoey.

Live in 00Edit

Once she was part of 00, Aoi saw that Miru auditions, so she ran to hug her and was surprised yet happy that Miru is now part of 00. The two of them were very happy to see each other again. Miru also met Komari and they became friends.


Miru and Komari are good friends and Miru looks up to Komari and askes advice at times. Miru looks up to Komari and admires her for being a good person and a successor.

The two of them meet each other during the auditions and help each other. Miru calls Akari, Akari-chan and likes Akari.
They meet each other during the auditions. She helps Miru with using micsabers.
They meet each other during the auditions. She helps Miru with using micsabers.

Aoi and Miru are both from the same planet, Lancastar. The two of them are best friends, despite their one year age difference. Miru was also the one who made and gave Aoi her pink ribbion that she always wears. Miru also tries to help Aoi with believing in herself.

Achievements Edit

  • SC0125 - #11




  • She has her own Kirara.
  • She has a pretty voice, but isn't a good dancer and works on her dancing a lot.
    • Miru's seiyuu is Himika Akaneya, who is part of the idol group I*Ris and is also the seiyuu of Manaka Laala form PriPara.
  • She can also sew, and made Aoi's pink ribbion.
  • Her favorite season summer.
  • She doesn't like her hair tied up.
  • She knows how to play the violin.
  • If she wouldn't have become an idol, she would be a clothing designer.
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