Miyagi Kashita

河岸田 かした
宮城 みやぎ
Kashita Miyagi

SC125 - Rose no Hibi
Nickname(s)Miyaya, Miyachan, Miya, Gun-Girl
Generation151st Generation
Age15 (SC0123)
17 (Current)
Radiance ColourNavy Blue
Birthday DateJanuary 28th SC0108
Home PlanetTekistar
Eye ColourDark Blue
Hair ColourBlack
Favourite songSo Long!
Ikiru Koto
OshimenMiyabi Honoka
Desired NameWatanabe Mayu
AgencyMorning Star Entertainment
"The Gun-Girl will shoot your heart!
I'm Kashita Miyagi also known as Miyaya.

– Miyagi's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Miyagi Kashita 河岸田 かした 宮城 みやぎ is a member of AKB0048's 151st Generation and a member of Team B. She also has got a solo singing career and is an actress.

Miyagi is also known as "Miyaya" 「みやや」, "Miyachan" 「みやちゃん」, "Miya" 「みや」 and "Gun-Girl". She is known for her cute, innocent and pure stage personality despite having a rather cold personality off-stage that is unknown to the public. Because of her skills in the usage of rifles, she's called Gun-Girl, an insider joke between the members. She's also known for her close relationship with her fellow member and best friend Miyabi Honoka.

Appearance Edit

Miyagi has got long blackish hair. Her eyes are dark blue; the upper part of her eyes are darker than the lower part. She has got a fair skin, and similar to other members of AKB0048, she has got heart-shaped light reflections in her eyes and on her hair. As well, in her eyes are three other points for an unknown reason.

Originally, Miyagi wore regular twintails that were usually tied up with ribbons. Her hair was rather straight and the twintails ended at shoulder lenght. Miyagi is very careful when it comes to her hair and only a few persons are allowed to touch it. She has never dyed it and never wore extentions before. She plans never to do so in the future. Shortly before heading for 0048, she cut her hair on her own to show off her determination to her family that didn't support her plan.

From June SC0125 on, she wears her twintails from the high back of her head, and her hair is now wavy. Her hair has grown and her twintails now end on breast height. She changed her hairstyle for Rose no Hibi but eventually started to like it and decided to continue wearing her hair in the new style.

Before she decided to try out the auditions, she used to wear her hair open. One of the major reasons, why she started wearing twintails is her wish to succeed Watanabe Mayu. However, she has grown to the style and enjoys wearing twintails a lot. She almost always uses ribbons to tie her hair up. Miyagi sometimes uses Honoka's ribbons as well, just like Honoka uses her ribbons.

Miyagi's style is very cute, girly and yume-kawaii inspired. She likes to wear pastel clothes but doesn't have a colour, she prefers to wear, and doesn't wear a lot of make-up. Miyagi likes to wear many bracelets with ribbon, jewelry and heart motive in pink and silver. Almost always, she wears a necklace, she has got since her birth. It's a light blueish crystal pendant with a silver chain. She doesn't like to show the necklace in public though and usually hides them under her clothes. It's somekind of good luck charm to her. Since Miyagi likes shopping a lot, she has got many clothes.

She wears makeup almost every day. However, due to her image, she wears rather natural colours. Recently, she tried to vary, but hasn't worn other styles in public.

She spends a lot of time with preparing herself every morning and takes much care on her hair which is almost holy to her. It's implied that she's carrying a little rifle with her where ever she goes, usually in her shoes as she likes to wear boots in fall, spring and winter. Sometimes, she wears glasses to disguise herself when she is going in public for shopping. Her visual acuity rating is 2.0, and she doesn't need them.

Personality Edit

Miyagi's personality is, between the members, quite known for being divided into her "off-stage" and "on-stage" self which she switches at will. She is well aware of the difference between both characters, but doesn't consider one of them as "true".

Her on-stage self is a slightly naive, fragile and somewhat shy girl who wouldn't harm a fly. She is innocent and often doesn't understand things. Known for her close friendship with Honoka, she is always together with her friend leaving the talking to her, but gets along with other members as well, in particular Acchan and her generation. She usually gently smiles and gives her best. She is an altruistic person.

The Miyagi, many people meet and the Miyagi that the members consider as her "off-stage" personality is cold, in some terms arrogant and confident. Beliving a lot in her abilities, she doesn't display many emotions but her own pride that is difficult to be broken. She offends other members if she believes it to be fit, and only follows her own ambitions without an interest in others. Due to growing up as daughter to one of the richest families of the galaxy, she is spoiled and used to being handed to her on a plate. She is stubborn and a sore looser, something that comes from her actual self.

The actual Miyagi is hidden behind those layers which she doesn't accept as her off-stage self considers herself as invincible and the on-stage self just as an act. Afraid of the many flaws, she has and doesn't accept, Miyagi has started to hide them behind the persona of a confident, proud person who can do everything she wants - something that many actually believe of her. She knows about her own problems, but doesn't accept them completly. Commonly, she pushes them to the sideline or completly ignores them. She deeply cares for the few who aren't polite to her because of her status (which ever it is), but wouldn't show it for it is another flaw, as she thinks. Her on-stage self is set up for the sole purpose of helping Miyagi to be popular (which works), but certain things of it have their source in Miyagi's actual self, just like her off-stage self. Another thing about this her is that she is lesbian.

Miyagi is terribly afraid of several things, and showing one of her weaknesses is her greatest fear. She is willing to to everything to prevent them from being shown by now. Examples of her other fears are aquaphobia, entomophobia, arachnophobia, astraphobia, claustrophobia, pyrophobia and scotophobia. Aside of those, she is terribly afraid of changes. She is happy with her current life (although there are things that she'd like to change), and doesn't want to change something; for example her position as popular member of 0048. She used to be afraid of heights, but has gotten over it during her time in 0048. Since respect for what she can do is something that Miyagi considers as opposite to her flaws, she enjoys it a lot.

Her off-stage personality is quite well hidden, and only a few comments from other members gave a hint to her actual personality. While the general public either doesn't know them or considers them as joke, some hardcore WOTAs started to notice small things, and simply accept it, or even like it.

A side effect of her lack of education is the fact that Miyagi believes into several unrealistic things such as fortune telling, unicorns and that alpacas are mythical creatures until having met them in reality. For the single reason of Honoka's never-ending cupcake-hunger, Miyagi has learned how to bake cupcakes, and she is quite good in it by now. It's unknown how she learned this, however. It's generally said that in her time in 0048, her mental age rather decreased than increased; likely thanks to Miyabi Honoka.

Skills Edit

Miyagi's singing and dancing skills are sightly above average thanks to 0048's training. However, she aces in rifle combat. She likely is most proficientst in rifle usage in 0048 having learned this beforehand with the help of professional trainers. Since paintball is one of Miyagi's hobbies, she trains those skills more than other members do. She is a good sniper, but also skillfull in other situations. She has no problems with hitting moving targets or targets that are far away.

Aside of rifle combat, Miyagi is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. She prefers rifles, but tries not to forget hand-to-hand combat. She knows how to use micsabers but compared to hand-to-hand and rifle combat, she lacks in this area. She dislikey using micsabers simply because she isn't as skilled with micsaberas as with rifles.

Miyagi's LAS skills are bad. Since she cannot read, flying a LAS is very diffecult to her and usually, she stays out of space battles. She is, however, still proficient in using the guns of LAS and works best if someone else flies while she is shooting. 

Despite her combat skills, she either performs or protects guerilla concerts, as sole hand-to-hand combat is too dangerous to be used and she can't care around a rifle while performing. This is something that annoys her a lot, but she hasn't come up with a solution yet.

Being physically fit, Miyagi has a good stamina and trained strenght and speed. As well, she is quite flexible. Having learned this from a friend, Miyagi knows quite a few tricks to steal things such as phones and similar which she likes to do for fun in 0048's dorms, or if asked by members to get something back. For example, Sasshi often asks her to retrieve her phones from Hikari. Miyagi is also able to continue working on full power even if exausted. However, this also caused her to lose more energy.

Since Miyagi dropped school early, her knowledge and educational levels are very low. She isn't able to read the majority of kanji and has got problems with hiragana and katakana. Thus, she cannot write as well and needs help with both. She has got dyslexia but it wasn't diagnosed until lately, and thus the treatment hasn't helped much.

Fortunatly, Miyagi is skilled in learning things by heart when hearing them. She often records lyrics or drama lines on her phone and simply listens to them to learn them. Depending on the text, it might just take a few tries until she has started to know them. Since she only needs to listen to a text a few times, Miyagi has no problems with learning lyrics or lines within braks or while traveling somwhere else. Miyagi is a great actor as well. She loves switching into other personas, not only her stage persona, and is quite skilled in doing so. It is diffecult to make her break her acting.

Miyagi is a patient person and thus has no problems with waiting for a long while, even if it's without doing anything. She is also quite good in noticing small things and in watching things. Her visual acuity rating is 2.0 which helps as well.

Likely due to Honoka's love for cupcakes, Miyagi has learned how to bake cupcakes. While her early tries weren't good at all, she has gotten better. It's unknown how she was able to learn how to bake cupcakes; as it seems like she didn't learn it with the help of anyone. She also has started drawing in her free time, but is only a beginner.

As a result of Orchestra, Miyagi has learned how to use a synthesizer. She knows how to play a few AKB songs on it, but otherwise, her skills are very basic. Despite having little to no knowledge about other languages and being completly dependend on translators, Miyagi is surprisingly skilled in hiding her Japanese accent.

History Edit

Before 00Edit

Miyagi was born and grew up on Tekistar and is part of a huge, rich family who runs Meteor. Growing up with everything, she wanted to have, Miyagi is rather spoiled. Several reasons made Miyagi start skipping school a lot, eventually, she only said that she believed that she knew everything she'd ever need. With twelve, her attention waved towards the suburb's 'yankee business' where she eventually became one of the strongest personalities in the suburbs, thanks to self-defense training and engaging professionals to train her. She learned several thinks, but none of them included skills as reading and writing and found interesst in paintball. It is a tradition in the family that the males would overtake official roles, being present in politics and finances while the females were staying at home. However, 'at home' usually didn't only refer house wifes, and thus, no one truly cared about Miyagi's new hobby. While 0048 never came to her home planet as long as Miyagi can remember, listening to music was something natural to her, and she enjoyed it. However, it wasn't of special meaning to her and she never imagined herself as idol, espacilly not in the position, she is right now. 

Time in 00Edit

After joining 00, Miyagi found something, she started to love more than anything else in the world; Honoka and performing. She learned a lot, but somekind also stayed the same. To some extent, Honoka's influence has made her mentally younger than she was before. At the same time, she has grown a lot and has experienced a lot of different things thanks to her activities in 00 and solo.


When Miyagi was fourteen and a half year, her mother had a serious accident which caused her mother, Miyagi and her brother slight problems. While the family's business was continued by her aunt, Miyagi realized that she had been living in a dreamworld. After listening to a fight between her mother and the current family head, her grandparents, she decided that she wanted to do something other then the life, she had always imagined to be hers. In November SC0122, she sent an audition tape to 0048 which seemed to be something, she'd like to try out. She knew that she had combat skills and after realizing that not all planets were as "perfect" as Tekistar, she decided that she wanted to change something. She wasn't exactly sure about the idol part of 0048 before joining but after joining, she realized that being an idol of 0048 was exactly the acitivity, she enjoyed most, and now wants to do in her life.

SC0123 Edit

Miyagi joined AKB0048 officially on SC0123.05.15 as member of the 151st generation. From the beginning on, she, alongside the other members of her generation, where front members of AKB0048, with Miyagi alongside Honoka who had become her best friend by then, being selected as WCenter of To Say, their generation's debut song. They were also selected members of the first two A-sides, Kono atarashii hi ni and Bonfire Love Story alongside some B-sides. Thus, she ranked highly in the election, playing 1st with 812 482 votes in the prelimaries, and 3rd in the final results 1 042 893 votes. Around the same time, she also started working as soloist, and released her first single Toshi no Melody whose B-side Fairy Tale World had a tie-in with the pilot project Yousei no Mori. After the election, she started performing as member of Team 00. Following the election single and its follow-up single, she was given the centre position in Kyuuseishu, and on the Halloween Shuffle Concert, she was given the ace position of Team A, sadly not in the same team as her best friend.

Around the election, Miyagi had family problems. Her younger brother had found a girl without any memories of herself, and she had been adopted into her family by Miyagi's greatly respected grandmother. Miyagi didn't like this step for several reasons, and it lead to large distraction on her side. Her pride was hurt when said girl joined 0048, and succeded very quickly.

SC0124 Edit

SC0124 started with the Janken Taikai on which Miyagi ultimativly placed second, losing to her Takayama Ai with who she had co-centred the last single. When she, soon, succeded, Miyagi started to be afraid of the possibility of loosing her current position in 0048, even though her being the only member who was about to release her second solo single. While Honoka tried to cheer her on, she wasn't convinced for a long time, and her drop in the election in terms of ranks supported this thought. She ranked 5th in the prelims with 909 659 votes, and 6th in the final results with 1 811 253 votes. However, Honoka winning the election improved her mood a lot. On the SC0124 Kouhaku, her group, Shirogumi won, and she, alongside Honoka, performed their first original duet song, and the main song of AKB0048's upcoming album debuted as well in which Miyagi was one of the front members again.

SC0125 Edit

She placed 6th, loosing to the winner Asami Mirai, in the following Janken Taikai and was part of Castle of Glass. After Matsui Rena the 9th announced graduation, she was part of her send-off single Rose no Hibi and, moretheless, for the first time showed strong feelings towards the other members of her generation. She also changed her most-common hairstyle in this time period. In the following election, she ranked up again, placing 2nd with 8 300 125 votes. Once again, she lost to Takamina, much to her dismay. She also released her third solo single Ashita wa Kitto Kuru which had an anime tie-in.

Team HistoryEdit

151st Generation151st Generation & Team 00 151st Generation & Team A151st Generation & Team B

Joining the 151st Generation of Trainees (SC0123.05.15)
Promoted to Team 00 (SC0123.06.17)
Transfer to Team A (Halloween Shuffle Concert) (SC0123.10.31)
Transfer to Team B (SC0126 Janken Taikai) (SC0126.01.25)


  • Eguchi Aimi the 4th - Having noticed her kouhai's respect, Miyagi is rather friendly towards her.
  • Ikuta Erika the 11th - Kouhai and fellow member of Team A. Miyagi would never admit it, but she admires her piano skills and would like to play piano like she does.
  • Maeda Atsuko the 19th - Acchan and Miyagi get along well.
  • MoYoung Marian - Kouhai. Miyagi has recently started to mentor her in terms of acting.
  • Nakahara Monica - Monica's behavior and actions often confuse her, espacilly when it comes to combat. Miyagi can't help but look down onto her as she thinks that she is obviously stronger and more talented.
  • Takahashi Minami the 7th - Senpai and Team-Captain. Takamina and Miyagi work a lot together as both are front members of Team A and general front members as well. They've also centered a single, Kyuuseishu, together.

  • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Fellow Kenkyuusei. They used to be together in Team 00. Akari and Miyagi get along well being members of the same generation and long-time front members. Akari enjoys watching WMiya pranking other members and tends to comment those. Since she enjoys the attention, Miyagi doesn't tend to target Akari a lot.
  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Her bad luck often confuses Miyagi as she doesn't understand how she can be unlucky.
  • Sashihara Rino the 11th - Kouhai. She is one of her favourite paintball targets, and Miyagi tends to call her "Canvas" due to her appearance. Sasshi often amuses Miyagi, but she still helps her, knowing that Sasshi could easily tell the public about her actual personality.

  • Ashley Snow / Matsui Rena the 9th - Member of the same generation and fellow member of Team A. While not saying it outrightly, Miyagi likes Ashley a lot and is happy to know her. While the two might not get along always, Miyagi considers her as a good friend and is happy to know her.

  • Motomiya Hikari - Knowing that Hikari is her superior, she is respectful towards her.

  • Ooto Louis - Miyagi likes Louis as a friend. She appreciates working with him and is happy that he entertains Honoka a lot.

  • Kashita Runa - Miyagi's mother. While getting along with her mother, the two have grown distant.
  • Kashita Shouta - Miyagi's little brother. Shouta is her little brother. Miyagi is his rule model as he wants to become as strong as she is. When Miyagi joined 0048 and was accepted, he wrote her a letter and told her, that he wants to be a WOTA in the future to protect her, like she did all the time. It was mentioned, that he had very good school grades.
  • Kashita Shira - Miyagi's grandmother. The teacher of Miyagi and as well of her mother. She is very wise in the arts of the Kashita Family. She seems to know when a person has talent for something. Miyagi worships her a bit, but since Shira dislikes the idea of Miyagi joining 0048, they haven't hept close contact.
  • Kawaki Kamui - A boy she has known for her whole life. On Tekistar, he is the vice-leader of the suburbs. He seems to be very close to Miyagi. He still supports her, but they haven't had contact since Miyagi left Tekistar. Kamui hasn't contacted Miyagi because he knows that the press could easy turn their friendship into a scandal.

Etymology Edit

"Kashita" is written as 「

河岸田 かした 」.

河岸 かし 」 can be translated as river bank and 「

」 as field. "Miyagi" is written as 「

宮城 みやぎ 」.

みや 」 can be translated as shrine and 「

」 can be translated as fortress or castle.

Miyagi was given her name with the hope that while her soul would stay as pure as a shrine, she would grow up in a strong woman with power as strong as a fortress. Ironically, the name also references her on-/off-stage personality.

Miyagi's nicknames "Miya" 「みや」, "Miyachan" 「みやちゃん」 and "Miyaya" 「みやや」 are variations of her given name. She originally decided to call herself Miyaya as a reference to Mayuyu, and eventually, Miya and Miyachan spawned of this nickname. "Gun-Girl" is a title that Honoka has given her and she is known for.

Quotes Edit

  • "Everyone is Shining~! I am AKB's Gun-Girl Kashita Miyagi known as Miyaya~ It's a pleasure~" - Miyagi's Original Introduction Catchphrase
  • "The Gun-Girl will shoot your heart! I am Kashita Miyagi known as Miyaya~ It's a pleasure~" - Miyagi's Introduction Catchphrase from December SC0125 onwards

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Career Edit

  • SC0125 - #42

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Favourite Song in the New Era: Requiem
  • Audition Song: Kibou ni Tsuite
  • Favorite Food: Watermelons, Strawberry Parfait
  • Favorite Animal: Unicorns, Alpacas
  • Favorite Colour: Pink, Rainbow Colours
  • Hobbies: Paintball, Shopping, Collecting Cute Things, Spending Time with Honoka
  • Penlight Colour: Hot Pink
  • Charm Point: Hair
  • Blood Type: A
  • Miyagi has given her kirara the name Shellu (シェルー). The reason is unknown. It's a dark blue sphere with two arm-like spheres and two ear-like spheres attached. It has got dark blue eyes.
  • Since she doesn't own a social media account, she usually uses Honoka's account @Rainbow-Miya.
  • Miyagi's idol is MK2, while her Oshimen is Honoka.
  • Due to her skills, Miyagi is in charge of the rifle training in the second round of auditions.
  • Inofficially, she and Honoka are the double aces of their generation.
  • Miyagi's nickname "Miyaya" was inspired by Mayuyu's nickname.
  • Miyagi doesn't have a favorite music genre and enjoys to listen a lot of songs.
  • She sightly is allergic to dust.
  • Miyagi is the only member whose spot doesn't change at all from 001 to A1.
  • In SC0123, Miyagi's Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster was a picture of her wearing the senbatsu uniform's understudy version. She decided on this uniform, because the uniform is also called "Successor Uniform". She wanted to express the though that she doesn't need to be a successor to win.
  • In SC0124, Miyagi's Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster is exact the same as Miyabi Honoka's poster. They're the first members to share a poster. The caption can be translated as "The Two's Rainbow". It's a mix between Futari no Ashiato's and Nijuu no Niji's names.
  • In SC0125, Miyagi's Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster uses an outfit appearing in Ashita wa Kitto Kuru's MV, an angel costume. The caption is the song's name.
  • Miyagi's original surname was Kashida.
  • Miyagi's combat skills are inspired by ways to win PVP games.
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