Shimazaki Haruka the 11th
11代目だいめ 島崎しまざき 遥香はるか
11-daime Shimazaki Haruka
Casual Summer
Original NameKimura Mei
(KimuMei, Mei-sama)
Com AliasHime
Generation152nd Generation
Age18 (SC0126)
Radiance ColourBlue
Birthday DateDecember 9th SC0108
Home PlanetSaharastar
Height163.5 cm (5'4")
Eye ColourSilver
Hair ColourTurquoise
Favourite songUZA
OshimenYokoyama Yui the 13.5th
Social Media@KimuraMei
SeiyuuOrikasa Fumiko
"I am Team B's Shimazaki Haruka the 11th."

– Haruka's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Mei Kimura (木村きむらめい) is a member of Team B. She is currently a successor, holding the name of Shimazaki Haruka the 11th (11代目だいめ島崎しまざき遥香はるか). Currently, her most notable nickname is Paruru (ぱるる). She is commonly recognized to be the arrogant Hime character of AKB0048, and this is what spawned the nickname Mei-sama (めいさま), however, she was also referred to as and KimuMei (きむめい). To the general public, she is known to be very arrogant and borderline selfish, although anyone who has gotten to know the real her can agree that she is actually really kind.


Haruka's hair is relatively short, as well as wavy. It is a turquoise colour, and she has bangs that she either sweeps to the side elegantly, or lets them hang down normally. She has a fuller figure than most 00 members, and is moderately tall. She has silver eyes, which have both heart and spade lining in them. There is also heart-shaped lining in her hair.

Haruka has a good eye for fashion, and is, as such, consistently well-dressed. She doesn't care much for fashion whims, but follows the trends she likes pretty avidly through the use of magazines and social media.

There is no apparent visual cue to whenever Paruru is in public or not, but her expressions tend to, in general, be colder and seem to carry a hidden meaning behind them a lot of the time. Whether or not this is true, or merely an act, depends on the situation, and is usually very hard to descipher.


A lot of members would describe Haruka as sweet. She is caring, and does keep an eye out for others, just in case. She is always willing to lend an ear, a shoulder, or anything in general to her fellow members, should they need it, even if they aren't close to her. She goes out of her way to make sure the people around her are comfortable - sometimes even to the levels of herself becoming uncomfortable.

Haruka is also one of the members with the most noticeable difference in her offstage and onstage persona. Her onstage persona has jokingly been dubbed her Hime!Mode or Hime!Paru by other members and fans. She is the product of a nervous tick that appears whenever she is in public. This also applies for if she happens to be filmed or similar. As the name implies, she turns into a Himedere at the slightest moment of being in the public. She becomes arrogant, blunt, and snobby. Some members have started to use her as a "hidden camera detector". As a result, whenever Dokkiri are planned, Paruru's schedule conveniently clashes with filming. This persona of hers first started developing when Paruru became a member of 00, and she does consistently feel bad about how she treats others when onstage, and does tend to apologize at earliest opportunity for it.

Paruru also likes to "people-watch", as it does help improve her own acting ability, as well as help her learn more about the people around her. She doesn't focus on anyone in particular when she does it, though, as she does have certain respect for others' personal space, and respect for their wishes in general (as long as she's not forced into conversation, that is).

Generally, she believes that people deserve respect, something that is shown in the fact that she does genuinely make an effort to remember names instantly, but that doesn't mean that people can't lose that respect from her. An example are DES soldiers in general, who never were able to stand the living quality on Saharastar where Paruru grew up.


Haruka's biggest forte is her acting ability. She thuroughly enjoys taking up other characters for a while, and it is also something she takes very seriously. She is constanly thinking about ways to improve, and one method she has really settled into, is people-watching. She loves to watch the people around them, and actively try to notice the small things about them in order to maybe be able to incorporate them into her characters.

She is also very skilled at reading people; a result of her people-watching, Paruru is usually able to guess someone's general feelings and/or thoughts based on their body language, small gestures or differences in speech patterns.

Haruka is a feared opponent in anything where things being thrown is involved, regardless of if it is pillow fights, Muchaburi dodgeball, water balloon fights or an actual fights with DES (due to her personalized weaponry) or anything else. Her aim with a dodgeball is practically impeccable, and this is something she utilizes to the full extent whenever she can.


Haruka was born and grew up on Saharastar, and was orphaned at a young age. She doesn't know who her real parents are, or even if they're still alive, but Paruru doesn't in general care. She was raised by her adoptive brother, Kimura Shouta, whom she also has her family name from. The siblings are extremely close, and Shouta is very supportive of whatever Paruru sets her mind to. He was the first person to cheer her on when she had applied for the auditions.

Paruru's disdain for DES soldiers started at a young age. Not because of anything personal, but rather because the only thing she ever saw them do was complain about the climate on Saharastar, and usually did whatever they could to get off of the planet as soon as possible.

Encountering AKB0048Edit

Haruka encountered 00 when she was 5, and AKB0048 came and held a concert on Saharastar. Haruka wasn't very keen on joining them at that age, but her dream eventually grew on her, and she decided that she wanted to join. Her brother wasn't entirely happy about it initially, but seeing how much Haruka wanted to do it, he agreed and cheered her on.

Team HistoryEdit

152nd GenerationTeam A152nd Generation → Team ATeam B

Joined the 152nd Generation of Trainees (SC0122.11.18)
Promoted to Team A (Formation) (SC0123.10.31)
Succeeded and subsequently left the 152nd Generation of Kenkyuusei (SC0124.12.03)
Transferred to Team B (SC0126.01.25)


  • Kimura Shouta - Mei's older brother, who has been caring for her since she was three, and to Mei, he is somewhere between big brother and father figure, as well as a really good friend.


Kimura (木村): "Kimura" means Tree Village, with '木' meaning 'Tree' and '村' meaning 'Village'

Mei (めい): The meaning of Mei, since it is written in Hiragana, is unknown.

Prior to succession, Haruka has had several nicknames. Mei-sama (めいさま) is her name, coupled with the suffix "sama". Mei-chan (めいちゃん) is her name coupled with the suffix "chan". KimuMei (きむめい) is a combination of "Kimura" and "Mei".
Honoka also nicknamed Haruka as "Hime" (ひめ) as a reference to her arrogant stage character and Majisuka Gakuen 00 character, Hime.

Haruka inherited the nickname Paruru (ぱるる) upon succession.


  • "I am Team A's Shimazaki Haruka the 11th." - Haruka's catchphrase
  • "The princess of AKB0048, 152nd generation understudy, called Mei-chan and KimuMei, I am Kimura Mei." - Mei's former catchphrase


Official ArtworksEdit

Other ArtworksEdit


Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC0124
Early Result: 6th (900'451 votes)
Placement: 4th (Senbatsu) (1'966'543 votes)

Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC0125
Early Result: 14th (412'936 votes)
Placement: 10th (Senbatsu) (1'673'562 votes)

Placement - 5th - Lost to Takayama Ai

Placement - 2nd - Lost to Asami Mirai

Placement-16th-Lost to Itou Haruki

  • SC0125 - #38



A1 (Eien ni Umarekawaru)
Sekaiju no Subete - WCenter

Ohimesama (KISEKI) - Character Song


  • Favourite Song in the New Era: Infinity no Moyou
  • Favourite Colour: Blue
  • Hobbies: Shopping, acting, spending time with Yuihan.
  • Penlight Colour: Sky blue
  • She is fond of high heeled shoes, and has a rather large collection of various types.
  • Paruru shares her original surname with the fake AKB member Kimura Ai who was created in an experiment to see if the members knew who were a part of AKB and who weren't in AKBingo!
  • In the Majisuka Gakuen 00 adaption, Paruru plays one of the main characters, Hime, who is very similar to Paruru's onstage personality.
  • She wants to be an actress in the future.
    • There is also proof that she is aspiring to become an actress in her eyes, where there are spade linings alongside the heart linings.
    • It is unknown which sign she'll get upon graduation from 00; Diamonds, or Spades.
  • She has very good throwing aim - whether it's dodgeballs, grenades, or anything else doesn't matter.
    • This makes her a very feared opponent in Muchaburi Dodgeball.
    • She has gotten personalized weapons, akin to folding shurikens that, during performances, are in general hid underneath her skirt. They are colour coded to what charge the shurikens have; white for flash-like smoke bomb, yellow for stun, red for explosion, and blue for one-time use emp charges.
  • Paruru never eats fish. The reason is unknown, but it's likely due to preferring other foods.
    • She does, however eat most other kinds of sea foods.
  • Paruru is really bad with cold temperatures.
    • She isn't all that fond of cold baths/showers either.
  • She has sensitive ears, and high frequency sounds tend to grate at her eardrums.
  • Paruru's Kirara prefers to stay by her head, instead of floating around like most other Kirara.
    • Paruru's Kirara is an orange crown.
  • She tends to refer to other people by their surnames without honourifics if they annoy her.
  • Paruru and Yuihan collaborated to have a theme with both of their Sousenkyo posters (SC0125).
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