MiyaMiya (みやみや) is the most common name to describe the pairring and relationship of Kashita Miyagi and Miyabi Honoka. They're also often called WMiya (wみや). They share several songs as duets as well as several songs which they centred together.

Generally known for their close friendship, Miyagi and Honoka balance each other a lot - Miyagi protects the helpless Honoka who in return helps her with technology and her general lack of knowledge. Both share their love for sweets and their belief in unrealistic things, and during their shared time in 0048, Miyagi has become quite a yandere of Honoka.

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Miyagi and Honoka first met on [date] during the second round of the auditions of AKB0048's 151st Generation. [1] Honoka approaches Miyagi after she had spoken to Hikari-san with lots of confidence. The girls quickly got along with each other while they spoke about the auditions and their hobbies. The girls helped each other during the audition and started the paintball game training tradition. Their first nicknames, Miss Perfect Pitch[2] and Gun-Girl[3] were born during this time as well.

After they joined 0048, the Honoka-Center-Nova mystery was born from the Chat, and she was choosen to center To Say for the same reason. Miyagi joined her as center due to the rising popularity of the pairring among the users. The girls grew much closer over the time.

During the second round of the 152nd generation's audition, Miyagi and Honoka (who bugged Hikari a lot to do it) were leading the rifle training among other things.[4]

When AKB0048's Halloween Concert happened and the shuffle was announced, Miyagi and Honoka were placed in different teams, much to their dismay.

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  • MiyaMiya is the first official pairring in the roleplay.
  • The name is made from Miyagi's given name / Honoka's surname who both include a "Miya", although not written with the same Kanji.
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