Erika Ikuta the 11th

代目 だいめ
生田 いくた 絵梨花 えりか
11-daime Ikuta Erika

SC0125 - Rose no Hibi
Original NameOoto Melody
Nickname(s)Ikuchan, Iku
Generation153rd Generation
Age12 (SC0123)
14 (Current)
Radiance ColourPurple
Birthday DateMarch 9th SC0111
Home PlanetKazakhstar
Eye ColourPurple
Hair ColourPurple
Favourite songKimi wa Melody
OshimenMaeda Atsuko the 19th
Social Media@Shirimasen
AgencyMorning Star Entertainment
"From today on, I will be Ikuta Erika the 11th"

– Erika's first introduction as successor

Melody Ooto ( 大音 おおと メロディー) is a member of AKB0048's Team A and one of AKB0048's current successors. She's known as Erika Ikuta the 11th (11 代目 だいめ 生田 いくた 絵梨花 えりか ).

Erika is also known as Ikuchan (いくちゃん) and Iku (いく). She's an elegant girl with great piano skills. She's a polite girl who can speak her thoughts if she wishes. Erika tends to believe that she's right with her thoughts. This can end up a bit wrong, if she is actually wrong. She believes that stage-personalities are real and real personalites are made up.

Appearance Edit

Erika has got purple hair and lavander-purple-coloured eyes. Her hair is long and a bit wavy. Her forhead is seen. She's usually shown, wearing her hair without any special hairdos open. As well, her hair is smoothy and thick. Similar to other members of AKB0048, Erika has got a heart-shaped light reflection in her hair. Erika's eyes are purple too. However, the lower part seems to be rather lavander-colored. In her eyes are heart-shaped light reflections too but as well a shape in the form of music sheet notes. It's believed to be there due to her wish to become either a singer or a pianist. Later on, she started to braid the hair around her forehead and wear parts of her hair in a bun.

Erika usually chooses rather feminine and elegant clothes without flashy pattern. She loves the colour of old paper and often wears this. Even though her favourite colour is light pink, she mostly never wears this color. Erika is often seen wearing some jewelry. She never wears short things and feels uncomfortable with gravure. She has never done this and isn't planning to do it in the future.

Personality Edit

Erika is a polite and friendly girl with good manners. She's holding herself back and waits for others. However, she often is also arrogant if she's private. Erika has grown up, knowing to be talented and great and due to this, she acts like this. As well, she's selfish as she wishes to be the best. She does anything for this. She has the tendency to be friendly towards people, she believes to be "useful" for herself. Thus, she ignores people who aren't useful.

Erika doesn't believe in magical things. Thus, she doesn't believe that being similar to an original member helps to succed but being in the management's favor. She believes in the coldness of the show buisness which resulted in the fact that she believes that popular relationship-pairrings (e.g. MiyaMiya) are planned and made up, exactly like most of the images and personalities of the members. Only on-stage personalities (e.g. Kashita Miyagi being a innocent girl who cannot harm anyone or Kimura Mei's princess character) are the images, Erika has started to believe to be real.

Eriko loves music and playing the piano a lot. She's often seen playing piano and knows many songs by heart. She can lose herself completly in playing and forgets the world around her. Sometimes, she spends the whole day with this and forgets stuff, she had to do. She enjoys to read and make up conspiracy theories even though she doesn't believe them very often.

Erika doesn't really have a Oshimen but whenever asked, she stated it's Acchan the 19th. Other members, she admires are Katomina the 8th, Sakura the 10th, Takamina the 7th, Miori the 9th and Rena the 9th.

Due to having stricter education, Erika has less solo work than other AKB0048 members. She sometimes is a guest to radio and TV shows but mainly focuses on stage performances and musicals.


Her main asset is playing the piano; something in which she excels. She knows many songs by heart and even composes her own pieces from time to time. She is also rather good in school due to her upbringing, but recently felt back.

Comparing singing and dancing, she prefers and is better in singing. She had a little bit training before 0048 as well. She practises dancing but not as often as singing.

History Edit

Erika grew up on Kazakhstar, living a peaceful life and grew up in the 'upper' society of her homeplanet's capital. As the daughter of a professional pianist and a film director, she always had a connection to the world of entertainment and music, and the world of rich people. Erika had been studing music in general since being a little children. She learned piano since she was very young and loves it. She also learned a few other instruments but didn't continue playing those. 

Erika had the wish to "do something bigger" with her music since she was eight years old. However, she didn't know what exactly until she actually became interessted in 0048 due to some classmates. She eventually decided to audition but didn't know how her parents, espacilly her mother, would react. After all, she decided to audition and wait for the result before telling her parents. She planned not to tell them if she wouldn't pass. Even though her mother wasn't happy about it, she left for 0048. The reason why she didn't told her parents before the 1st round results was that she didn't want to admit that she might had failed in the first round.

She went on a hiatus for about three months in SC0125 to solve several family problems; her mother wanted Erika to return home as she considered being an idol as unfittable for her daughter. After three months, in which the problem didn't solve itself, Erika decided to simply return to 00, even if it meant cutting ties to her family. She knew that her brother would support her, and when 0048 hold a concert on her home planet, she joined them to return. She succeeded shortly after this. The name of her succession concert was Kimi wa Melody (君はメロディー, You are Melody), a reference to her catchphrase. After this arc, she started attending another school on Akibastar which focuses on music work and is stricter than Infinity Academy as a deal with her mother.

Team HistoryEdit

153rd Generation → Team A

Joining the 153rd Generation of Trainees (0124.04.23)
Promoted to Team A as she succeeded and subsequently left the 153rd Generation (SC0125.03.15)


  • Ayana Elise - Elise is the first case of Ikuchan's on-off-stage personality character where she cannot follow it since it's obvious that Elise is a princess.

  • Ooto Mila

Erika's mother works as pianist and teaches various instruments. She's strict which is why Erika is able to play (basics) on diffrent instruments. Even though she accepts AKB for fighting for music, she dislikes idols in general. After Erika joined 0048, their relationship strained futur, leading to Erika's hiatus to solve her family problems.

  • Ooto Kazuto

Erika's father is film director and travels very much. He has workes with AKB and, in diffrent to his wife, does see them as great representantives of the music. He is very supportive to Erika even though he's worried about her.

Erika's older, 23-years old brother who is a famous actor, a bit to his father's impact. Erika and Louis get along very well despite the rather huge age grap between them. Sometimes, she thinks that Louis can be quite weird. She either cally him by his given name or Niisan.

  • Ooto Justin

Erika's older brother who is 16. Erika doesn't get along with him very well due to his behavior. Justin tends to use his family's success to celebrate parties ect. while not doing anything on his own. As well, he flirts with everything female, according to Erika.

Etymology Edit

Ooto is written as 大音 おおと .
can be translated as big or large and おと as sound. 大音 can also be translated as loud.

Melody is written in Katakana as メロディー.
A melody is a term in music that refers the different tone succession in a song.

She inherited the nickname Ikuchan (いくちゃん) from the original Ikuta Erika. Iku (いく) is a shorter version of Ikuchan. She used to be called Melo () which was a shorter version of her original given name. Honoka calls her Melon-pan () and Ikuspiracy ().


  • "Who are you? Who am I? You're melody~! I'm AKB0048's Ooto Melody" - Melody's Introduction Catchphrase


Official ArtworksEdit

Ooto MelodyEdit

Career Edit

Erika hasn't participled in the Janken Taikai yet.

  • SC0125 - #36

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Favourite Song in the New Era: Orchestra
  • Audition Song: Anata no Tame ni Hikitai
  • Favorite Food: Salat
  • Favorite Animal: Orca
  • Favorite Colour: Light pink
  • Hobbies: Piano, Music, Picknicks
  • Penlight Colour: Purple
  • Blood Type: A
  • Her voice actress was choosen because she voiced Harune Aira in Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream.
  • Her social media username is @Shirimasen. She originally didn't know what to use as her username. Because Honoka distracted her, she wrote "I don't know" (知りません) and continued creating an account without noticing.
  • Erika's kenkyuusei catchphrase refers her favourite song Kimi wa Melody and her name.
  • She wants to become a singer or a pianist in the future. There is also proof that she is aspiring to become a singer in her eyes, where there are music note linings alongside the heart linings.
  • Erika's originally planned birth name was Melodia which became her character song's name. The reason why it was changed is unknown.
  • She has the habit of spinning around with her hair, whenever she can do this.
  • Erika is vegetarian.
  • Erika is the youngest member of her generation.
  • Following her succession, she is the second character to have the given name 'Erika', althrough written with different kanji.
  • She likes to play games of the Persona series despite being to young to play them.
    • Her election poster in SC0125 refers the sixth installment's protagonist.
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