Samuikaze Ran
Samuikaze Ran
Radiance ColourLight Purple
Birthday Date17th April
Home PlanetKanashistar
Eye ColourDark Blue
Hair ColourBrown
Favourite songRiver and Korogaru Ishi ni Nare
Desired NameShe doesn't know yet
 Do you really understand what is AKB0048 about? Can you really say that you are working hard enough that you are worth being part of it?


Ran has very long brown hair that is tied in high ponytail. Her eyes are dark blue. The outfit she usually wears is blue shirt and black trouser but she also has many other clothes. She is always wearing bracelet she got from her brother before she went to AKB0048 auditions.


Ran is a bit cold and prefer doing things alone. She doesn't trust people easily since the only person she trust is her older brother. She loves singing and dancing and is serious about her practice and becoming part of AKB0048 and often think that others aren't working hard enough. She often says rude things to others, even if she doesn't want to and didn't meant it that way. Despite her cold personallity, Ran is deep inside herself actually very kind and sometimes a bit lonely. Later she will start to warm to others from her generation and started to be friendlier with them. 


Ran was born on Kanashistar one of planets with most strict entertainment ban. She was born to very rich family. Her mother died when she was 6 years old and her father never cared for her so only person she could always trust was her older brother Ryuu. He was the one who always helped her and took care of her. 

Encountering AKB0048Edit

One day when Ran was 9 years old, AKB0048 held secret live on Kanashistar. As Ryuu already heard AKB once before she thought Ran might like them and since their father is against AKB0048 they sneaked out of house to listen to them. Concert was attacked by DES. When Ran saw this girls singing, dancing and fighting she thought of them as most beautiful and brave thing she ever seen and decided she'll once join them. As she was growing up she was always practicing and had many arguments with her father about AKB. When auditions for 150th generation were open Ran decided to take them even though her father was against it. When he noticed that he tried to stop her but Ryuu helped her escape so she could go there. At that time he gave her bracelet for luck. 

Auditions for 150th generationEdit

Ran wasn't surprised when she heard that audition will be battle and thought that all girls who thought so didn't really understand what is AKB0048. She passed audition and became part of 150th generation.

Auditions for 152nd generationEdit

Ran was eating lunch at same table as Itano Tomoko and Shino Hoshina but she didn't talk to them. Tomoko and Hoshina both left and until the end of lunch Ran was sitting alone which she liked. 


寒い風  -  Samui (寒い) means "cold" and kaze (風) means "wind". Together it's Cold Wind.

蘭 - Ran (蘭) means "orchid".

Together it comes Cold Wind Orchid

Achievements Edit



  • She still calls all of members by their surnames.
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