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[Real Life: 2018.12.10 | SC0126.12.07]Edit

Good day, everyone.
The first round of the Unit Taikai just ended.
It was, for a lack of a better term, fun.
A Midsummer Night's Dream was allowed to continue another week and wholeheartedly, thank all of you for letting us proceed.
Sengawa-san has worked very hard for this unit to be a success.
So has Kumotani-san.
This past week was a bit chaotic, though that is to be expected.
But I am glad the hard work did not go to waste.
No matter who is of your preference,
Please continue to support the units currently left in the Unit Taikai,
and the members of AKB0048 as a whole.
With the best of regards

New response(s) from friends

@Yume31: Your performance was good and as many members already told you your outfits are really beautiful. Good luck in the next round as well~
@ChibaMiku: I won't lose to you!! :D
@Alirin: Thank you, Hikami-senpai, but I honestly cannot take credit for the uniforms. That is Sengawa-san's full effort. She is rather good with her hands.
@Alirin: And Chiba-san, that goes for you two. I will do my absolute best to be a worthy opponent.
@Nelle-Nelle: Master, I promise we're going to defeat them no matter what !
@ChibaMiku: Yeah, no.
@Yume31: Nelle-san made them? That's quite impressive. But I also meant to say your performance in general was good not only outfits. All three of you can take credit for that~
@Nelle-Nelle:... Thanks..?
@Alirin: Yes, Sengawa-san was the one to make the uniforms. They had to be fitted to me and Kumotani-san, but it did not take too long, in all honesty. Sengawa-san is talented.
@Nelle-Nelle: Please do not be so flattering with me, Master ! These humble clothes did not even put enough value on your incomparable beauty. You deserve much more than that ! I swear on my pride of Magus I'm going to work hard to make you clothes worthy of the approval of a master seamstress from Fantasyland, next time!
@Tomomo: You mean, my approval?
@Alirin: Erm... Thank you?
@Nelle-Nelle: You're welcome. Anything for my Master's sake !

[Real Life: 2018.05.22 | SC0126.05.22]Edit

Good day, everyone.

The Senbatsu Sousenkyo Voting Period has started.
It's going to be a hectic time for us members, but I do, nonetheless, look forward to it. Every year brings its fair share of surprises, and I am curious to see what this year will bring.
I noticed some of the other members have started sharing their posters via their social media accounts, so I felt it was only appropriate for me to do the same.
Please continue to support AKB0048 to the extent that you are inclined to.
With the best of regards

(2) new response(s) from friends

@Shirimasen: You look awesome, Aimi!
@Gorilla_girl The fairy of 00!!!
@Alirin: Thank you, Erika-san. It is only a costume though, Akimoto-san.