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@Hoshiko Edit

17.06.SC0125 Edit

The election is over now. Thank you all very much again for supporting me. But I don't want to repeat my speech now. Akarin has reminded me that there are other great members as well. I am Team A's co-captain, it's my duty to support them. I am happy that Miyaya, Ikuchan, Paruru, Haruppi, Mocchi, Mariko-sama, Takamina, Miru and Aoi ranked. Even if only one member of the 152nd generation who I consider as "my" generation ranked in the kami7, I am really happy that we five successors managed to represent us. I'd like to talk about the other members for a moment. I admire Sasshi's speech. I know that the pressure is affecting me, but the way, Sasshi handles it is amazing. Then, Sayaka-san. She gave her best and yet apologized to her fans for ranking higher than before. I admire her never-ending will. Hikarin-chan's speech was great as well. I love her positive energy and her will is incredible. I'll cheer for her as well! Rairin-chan was awesome too. Her speech really made me smile; it was so different! However, I worry about Haruppi. She really didn't seem happy. I'll talk to her later, but right now, there are other things. Miyaya really worries me. She has achieved that much, but if she still feels like that, I wonder if she isn't going to follow Ashley-chan. I really love working with her. Miyaya is a person who offers such a funny diversity. She is strong as well. Then, Paruru and Yuihan. You might haven't seen it, but I was close to them on the stage; they really support each other! It's great to see their friendship even in such situations. Paruru who dropped and Yuihan whose rank went up - and they still support each other! And, finally, Akarin. I noticed that she gave her best to win again, and I know that she surely is sad now, but she is a great co-captain. We brieftly spoke after the end of the event, and Akarin said that she wants to focus onto supporting the group and the other members since she has achieved more than she could have imagined in the past. I don't want to spoiler anything; I'm sure she'll tell you all more things soon.

One thing is for sure; I'll follow Akarin's path. I want to support 00 as group again. I've learned that the pressure of the election affects me only negative, and thus, I won't aim for ranking higher anymore. I'd love to rank again, but I believe that there are other members that should be seen as well! I stood on the center position often enough - someone else should take it. I want to see a single centered by someone who hasn't centered any single yet. I want to see a new side of AKB! Mariko-sama, Akarin, Honoka-chan, Rairin and I have shown you all what kind of center we are. Takamina has done so more than often, to be honest... I want to see someone else! If not, at least give Sayaka-san, Haruppi-chan and Miyaya the chance to perform as center a alone. Until now, Takamina / Akarin and I shaped the single as well, but I'm sure that if someone completly new centers a single, it will add a new side to AKB!

I'll go off now and try to work as hard as Akarin does. It doesn't seem like Miyaya has calmed down yet; I want to try to comfort her.

16.06.SC0125 Edit


I wanted to share my thoughts as well. It's interessting to read about the election, but right now, I am very anxious. To be honest, I was thinking about simply not participling this year, but so many people are cheering for me and support me, so I felt like I had to try again. Honestly, I'm very afraid about not making it into senbatsu. Last year, I ranked 12th, and this year, my first result was 9th, but honestly, I don't think that I'll make it. I am the successor of Maeda Atsuko, and yet I've got problems with ranking in the top 12. I wonder what I am doing wrong...