" Come on, everyone throw red roses on my way ! Who should you cheer ? (Public : Tomomo !) Yes ! Now, make room for the Great Empress of Roses, Tomone Kaoru ! "

– Kaoru's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Kaoru Tomone
共寝 薫

(トモネ カオル)

Tomone Kaoru
Kaoru w. bracelet
Nickname(s)Tomomo, Tomo, Queen of Misfortune, Kacchan (by Honoka), Loudy (by Ryuu)
TeamTeam K
Generation154th Generation
Radiance ColourPlatinum
Birthday DateNovember 4th (SC0111)
Home PlanetWinostar
Height158 cm
Eye ColourPale Amber
Hair ColourAshy Blond
Favourite songBlue Rose

Kibou ni Tsuite

OshimenOshima Yuko the 9th, Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th
Desired NameOshima Yuko
Social media@Tomomo
AgencyMorning Star Entertainment
SeiyuuTange Sakura

Kaoru Tomone ( Tomone Kaoru) is a member of the 154th generation of AKB0048 trainees and a member of Team K.

She is known as the "Queen of Misfortune" by the general public because of her permanent misfortune.

Kaoru is also known by the nickname "Tomomo" (共 も).

Her main goal is to keep the promise she made to her dying childhood friend : Yahiru, by becoming a Sucessor to offer hope to people.

Shortly after becoming a Kenkyuusei, she will discover that her friend has not died but is apparently amnesic. Yahiru actually became Yuihan.

Kaoru also begins a soloist career and strives to become a talented actress.

Appearance Edit

Kaoru has a fair complexion, and is average in size. Like almost all members of the group, she has a heart in her hair as well as in the eyes. Her eyes have for color a strange amber color pale and orange. 

Her medium length hair is ashy blond, and held in a messy bun by chopsticks. There is only one rebellious strand of hair that is white in color. Her hair is rather straight, although it can be a bit curly when she wakes up in the morning. Kaoru also has a slight scar on her chin that she has made under rather mysterious circumstances.

To try to remedy her constant misfortune, her best friend gave her a lucky charm that is supposed to bring her a minimum of luck. Kaoru always wears this amulet. 

Usually, her torso is bulging and a large proud smile stretches her mouth.

Her sense of fashion is not particularly eccentric but trendy; her casual clothes often include modish shirts, skirts, high waist shorts, wedge sandals and little berets. There is also systematically crimson color somewhere on the clothes she wears. Kaoru can wears some jewelry, too. She still manages to wear brand clothes or clothes that she has sewn herself.


In a word, unlucky. So much so that when she is with other people, she "absorbs" all their misfortune. Bad luck literally sticks to her skin. Bad luck gave her an edge, she never trusted luck. For this reason, she can be very nervous but adaptable. She always had the nickname "Queen of Misfortune" and accepted it with dignity.

Kaoru denies any figure of authority, whether it is a Senpai, Captain or Manager, which doesn't prevent her from speaking politely to them, but a feeling of arrogance being felt in her words. She has a true "Leader" temperament and tends to "supervise" others, with or without their agreement.

She is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks, no matter how crude she looks. She doesn't trust people easily and she hates being pitied.

Sociability is not really part of the priorities of Kaoru, which is totally focused on her objective. Kaoru is overconfident, bold, proud, competitive, ambitious, persistent and straightfoward, she knows exactly what she wants. Her haughtiness is extremely difficult to mitigate. Any other person seeking to become Yuko automatically becomes a rival. Her determination is so powerful that it can even be perceived as stubbornness or insolence. Moreover, she will always defend her point of view fiercely. Kaoru truly thinks that everyone should be honored to be in her presence. She even happens to be slightly manipulative.

However, Kaoru is able to be surprisingly understanding and considerate towards those she cares about but she chose to hide this part of her. This arrogant behavior stems mainly from her being deprived of « freedom » until recently. She simply doesn't know how to properly interact with others. This girl doesn't know the social norms. It is without a doubt thanks to the AKB0048 that Kaoru has acquired the confidence she has today. She has a certain sense of honor, too. Kaoru always makes sure to repay her debts... At least, in her way.

Other than her self-importance and her disproportionate vanity, one of Kaoru's notable traits is that she seems to have a complete disinterest in romance and appears to have (most of the time) rather low esteem for men in general, thinking they are only obstacles to her objectives.

She can be lazy, but this laziness disappears instantaneously when it comes to succession. In addition, she is confident of being able to do everything on her own and refuses to admit when she needs help. Her arrogance makes her distant. She may occasionally have a "Tsundere-like" attitude as well.

She has trouble understanding the jokes, but she is capable of being a follower of sarcasm.

Ironically, towards the fans, she shows a great kindness and a bubbly attitude.



Kaoru was born and raised in Winostar. She lived a rather comfortable life on the material plan with her father economist and her mother famous stylist if we except her supernatural bad luck. She has always had bad luck and for example, when she tried to stroke a stray cat, this one scratched her violently.

She has always been a good student but didn't see the value of having good grades if she didn't know what she wanted to do as a job later.

Winostar is a planet where robots and computers decide everything. Everybody is treated equally. Whether it's right job, a appropriate meal, the right kind of study for everyone... Kaoru felt apathetic, empty of all wills, without any free will. Kaoru felt as if she were suffocated, of being a chained bird. She didn't feel like she lived her life and was fed up of everything.

Her little world totally changed when one day she made her first friend she met at school, who introduced her to the group AKB0048 (entertainment was previously tolerated in Winostar, small concerts were even organized). For the first time, Kaoru had the impression to breathe, to live her life, she felt her heart beat with passion. She had finally found a meaning to her existence. They got very close after this event.

When the two friends learned that the auditions were open, they jumped at the opportunity. Kaoru wanted to succeed Yuko and Yahiru wanted to succeed Yuihan. Nonetheless, at the time, Kaoru was below the minimum age (she was only 11 years old) and Yahiru wanted them to fulfill their dream together so she intended to wait until Kaoru is 12 years old.

However, the government of Winostar, seeing that more and more young girls were turning away from robotic advice and preferring to follow their passion, began to repress the entertainment severely. On the pretext that the government computer told them that entertainment was harmful to the good development of people. The government did not want people to realize that they were manipulated and began a rebellion.

During a clandestine concert, her friend was tragically killed by the DES by trying to protect Kaoru. Before her death, Kaoru promised to realize their dream by overcoming the obstacles that would prevent her from accomplishing her goal by becoming successor in order to illuminate the lives of others, as the 00 did with them. Thanks to this, her friend died serenely and Kaoru ran away with tears in her eyes.

Kaoru was still 11 years old, so she had to wait 1 year, and it was during those two years of frustration that her personality changed drastically to become today's.

At age 12 and 13, Kaoru evidently tried to register for the 152nd and 153rd generation auditions, but Winostar's authorities censored all the information about it.

One year later, despite Winostar's censorship efforts, information for the 154th generation auditions reached some of Winostar's population, as well as Kaoru who wanted to take this opportunity.

Of course, her parents categorically refused that their daughter would participate in the auditions, but Kaoru didn't obey them and decided to run away, more determined than ever to do everything to make the wish of her friend and she become reality.

Team HistoryEdit

154th Generation154th Generation & Team K


Kaoru is obviously the type to boast of her skills.

Kaoru is comfortable singing and dancing, although she has a clear preference for singing. She has some facilities to learn and memorize a song and choreography in a decent way. Plus, Kaoru knows a few Flamenco movements.

She is athletic and in excellent physical condition. She is far from harmless and experiences a series of self-defense movements that she combines with the use of Micsaber. Indeed, she has practiced fencing for five years and is very skilled at swordsmanship. According to her, she won the Junior Fencing Tournament five consecutive times. Recently she began to want to learn how to use two Micsaber at the same time.

Kaoru is not particularly good at sniping. She has some good reflexes but that's it.

She is quite competent at the LAS. She integrated the bases naturally. Unfortunately, her deep disgust for the robots prevents her from using this gift to its full potential.

She is a very bad liar. What makes her a horrible actress, she is incapable of acting like another person and sooner or later, her true personality will reveal itself. Kaoru tries to make efforts to improve, and has more ease to acting in horror Drama or a character with a personality similar to her own.

She is a pseudo-harpist who can occasionally begin to play harp to relax. Strange fact : She doesn't like when you look at her when she does (except Yahiru) and prefers to be alone.

Kaoru is a talented seamstress and fashion designer, for it is one of the only things she learned from her mother by watching her working. Because of this, she has a good sense of fashion.


  • Shinoda Mariko the 12th - Senpai.
  • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Senpai and Captain of Team K.
  • Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. Surprisingly, Kaoru holds Yuihan in esteem. Less than she does for Yuko, but she is not rude with her. Yet nobody knows why. After discovering that Yui was actually Yahiru, Kaoru tries to pick up the pieces of their friendship. She considers that Yuihan has already fulfilled part of their dream; and thus wants to sing alongside her as Yuko.
  • Takahashi Minami the 7th - Senpai. Kaoru seems to respect Takamina as a Leader.
  • Kuramochi Asuka the 13th - Senpai.
  • Sashihara Rino the 11th - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. Kaoru wasn't very shocked to find out who was really Taeko. She doesn't have any special opinion towards Sasshi although she seems to show some interest in her even if Kaoru is sometimes annoyed by her teasing. Anyway, Kaoru really appreciates the fact that Sasshi tries to do her best so that she and her comrades feel comfortable, though Kaoru will not admit it easily.
  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Senpai. Kaoru feels a sense of rivalry with Paruru. She can't stay in the same room without beginning to debate about anything and everything. Paruru is basically the kind of person that Kaoru hates because she thinks they seem too "phony". Although, after talked with Paruru privately, maybe her opinion about her is slowly beginning to change. Kaoru is also secretly jealous of the strong friendship between Paruru and Yuihan.
  • Kodama Haruka the 8th - Senpai. Kaoru doesn't hate Haruppi, but she blames her for her passion for computers and robots. For Kaoru, robots are killing machines without feelings.
  • Ikuta Erika the 11th - Senpai.
  • Eguchi Aimi the 4th - Senpai. Kaoru has a mixed opinion about Aimi. She doesn't dislike her, but she remains perplexed about the reason for such politeness. Nevertheless, Kaoru was sincerely happy when she became Aimi.
  • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Senpai and co-captain of Team K. Since her succession, Kaoru seems to have somewhat mitigated her rivalry with her. She also feels a strange feeling when she interacting with Techi. They usually get along well.
  • Nakai Rika the 15th - Senpai. Kaoru likes her, because they often have the same opinion.
  • Minegishi Minami the 7th - Fellow trainee. Kaoru is upset that Mii-chan is the first girl to succeed in their generation.

  • Miyabi Honoka - Senpai. Kaoru thinks Honoka is pretty funny, but sometimes finds her jokes and pranks quite annoying. She nicknamed her "Honoka-Prankster".
  • Kashita Miyagi - Senpai. Kaoru had a bad feeling towards Miyagi because she looks very similar to Winostar's robots. At the Slumber Party, her feelings about Miyagi changed in a positive way. Kaoru realized that they had more in common than she thought (great pride, high self-esteem, determination) and Miyagi wasn't that robotic. Now, she considers Miyagi as a kind of rival.
  • Asahina Miru - Senpai.

  • Mion Espoir - Senpai.
  • Emily Silver - Senpai.
  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. Their only common point is their constant misfortune. Because of this, Kaoru feels a little closer to Miyoko.
  • Nakahara Monica - Senpai.
  • Masaki Amarie - Senpai.
  • Amaya Jia - Senpai.
  • Akiba Airi - Senpai.
  • Hatsune Hikari - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. At first, Kaoru had a puzzling opinion about Hikari, though she had already noticed that she seemed to have some interest in Yuko. It's only at the start of the school year that they have really interacted for the first time. During their discussion, Kaoru did not realize that she hurt Hikari's feelings, because she wanted to keep her promise at all costs. Finally, Kaoru announced her proudly as her main rival. They can sometimes argue, though.
  • Ikeda Itsuki - Senpai.

  • Kasumi Yuuna - Fellow trainee. Kaoru thinks Yuuna is interesting. Secretly, she would like to know more about her. She nicknamed her "Pinku no Kami" (meaning pink hair). Kaoru was a little stunned by how Yuuna fought her verbally during the Jyanken, and that only amplified her interest in her. Kaoru does not understand Yuuna very well, as in her eyes it is impossible for anyone to have no self-esteem.
  • Ayana Elise - Fellow trainee. Kaoru suspected her of hiding something about her origin. After Elise revealed to everyone her true identity, Kaoru began to no longer suspect her of anything. She even tried to "comfort" her in her own way, when Elise was honest.
  • Kobayashi Griselda - Fellow trainee and fellow member of Team K. Kaoru was surprised by Griselda skills' as an opera singer. Although she thinks she's still a better singer.
  • MoYoung Marian - Fellow trainee. Kaoru thinks she is strange. She doesn't really understand the reason for her loyalty to Elise. Naturally having a "Leader" spirit and loves to show-off, Kaoru had a hard time accepting that Marian was the first to Center in their generation. But she quickly pulls herself together and tells herself that she would be next time. Since the Accident, Kaoru is uncomfortable around Marian.
  • Itou Haruki - Fellow trainee.
  • Nishimura Karin - Fellow trainee. The first time they met, Kaoru was skeptical and mistrustful of Karin. Eventually, as time went on, Kaoru noticed Karin's admiration for her and in return, Kaoru improved her opinion of her and came to think of her as something close to a friend. Now, they get along well.
  • Murasaki Aoi - Fellow trainee.
  • Nagase Yuuri - Fellow trainee.
  • Koizumi Ayaka - Fellow trainee.
  • Shiratama Mayu - Fellow trainee.

  • Tomone Shougo - Kaoru's father. Like her mother, he was often absent and demanding with his daughter. He didn't try to understand her, and was never able to do it. Kaoru never really liked her parents because she couldn't know the definition of the word "parents" without the love they were supposed to give her. Besides, for her, she never had any parents. Kaoru wants to show her parents that they were wrong to criticize her choice.
  • Tomone Mirina - Kaoru's mother. She was often detached with her daughter, didn't go home often, or very late, when Kaoru was already asleep. She didn't hesitate to hardly criticize Kaoru's personal choices. In fact, all this was only a facade to make Kaoru stronger mentally. She cares about Kaoru. When she discovered that Kaoru had run away, she was proud that Kaoru had finally found her own way. Her mother is not very good at expressing her feelings.
  • Akagi Yahiru - Kaoru's best and only friend. They have not always been, for Kaoru believed that Yahiru was stupid at their first meeting and engaged in futile hobbies. All her prejudices disappeared instantly when she first attended a concert of 00. They became very close, to the point that she was like a sister to Kaoru. Kaoru knew that Yahiru had a family and lived with them, but she was never able to meet them. After her death, Kaoru felt very sad and did everything to become a Kenkyuusei to honor her promise.

  • Barahona Ryuu - Ryuu is the first boy she called "friend" because she always thought boys were nothing but a waste of time. She nicknamed him "Boy".
  • Masuda Satoshi - Kaoru likes Satoshi, and gets along well with him. She would have liked to have a little brother like him. What she likes most about him is his quick wit. She wants him to become someone "whom he can be proud of". She likes to call him "Kid".
  • Ooto Louis - After the description of him that Honoka made her, Kaoru decided to nickname him "Candy Crush". She wants to test his sweets.


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Career Edit


Kaoru ()

This first name has no special meaning. Although mixed, Kaoru absolutely hates being called by her first name because he is too "masculine" for her and will ignore or scold anyone calling her by her first name.

Because of her first name, she is often confused with a boy. She prefers largely to be called by her surname.

Tomone (共寝):

Like with her first name, her surname has no precise meaning. It can however be translated as "sleeping together", and the reason for such a name is unknown.

Due to the fact that Kaoru absolutely hates being called by her first name because she despises it and that being called by her last name sounded too "formal", Yahiru was the first one to propose nicknaming her "Tomomo" (共 も), which she sometimes shortened to "Tomo" (共).

"Loudy" is the nickname that Ryuu gave her, a direct reference to her loud and boast personality.

"Kacchan" ( かちゃん) is a nickname created by Honoka, the 00s' official Nicknamer, that Kaoru has had a hard time accepting, however she tolerated it if it is accompanied by her first nickname. After Honoka defeated her at the Jyanken, Kaoru finally accepted the nickname.


  • "Come on, everyone throw red roses on my way ! Who should you cheer ? (Public : Tomomo !) Yes ! Now, make room for the Great Empress of Roses, Tomone Kaoru !" - Kaoru's Stage Introduction Catchphrase.
  • "I don't just want to succeed Yuko Oshima. I will succeed Yuko Oshima. That's the difference between me and all those who want to do the same. I am Tomone Kaoru, understudy of AKB0048's 154th generation and next Yuko !" - Kaoru's Catchphrase.
  • "For me, every idol has an aura of her own, and an understudy will succeed the successor which has an aura compatible with her own." - Kaoru explaining her theory about the Succession phenomenon at Mirai's Succession concert.


  • Favourite New Era Song : Arrival
  • Audition Song : Theater no Megami
  • Favourite Colours : Crimson and Golden
  • Favourite Food : Coffee Éclair
  • Penlight Colour : Platinum
  • Favourite Animals : Frog, Lion
  • Favourite Flower : Red roses
  • Charm Point : Her haughty smile
  • Blood Type : AB
  • Hobbies : Singing, practicing fencing and self-defense, drawing fashion sketches, graphic design and sewing clothes, debating, playing the harp
  • She knows how to play the harp, even if it is just a hobby for her.
  • Kaoru has her own Kirara. It is key-shaped and pastel silver-coloured. Ironically, the key is supposed to be a lucky object while Kaoru is very unlucky.
  • She has a second ace-shaped Kirara, burning orange coloured with three eyes.
  • Kaoru speaks fluently the three official languages of Winostar : Japanese, French and English.
  • She has a habit of saying words in French when she is in an intense mood.
  • She tends to uses nicknames only when she is annoyed by someone or when she "appreciates" someone.
  • She is a bit narcissistic and has proved potentially affected with Borderline Personality Disorder, describing a simple rustle of wind as a "flop of applause." And Yahiru's death only aggravated her mental health because she thinks she's become alone again and feels guilty.
  • Kaoru suffers from Ailurophobia, she considers cats as evil creatures. This is actually because she had a very bad unlucky experience with one of the them who left her that scar as a souvenir.
  • Kaoru hates robots. This is related to her past.

  • When Kaoru will be older, in order to "rescue" Winostar she intends to become a Revolutionary Leader.
  • She shares her voice actress with Saber Red alias Nero, a Servant of the Fate franchise who has many similarities with Kaoru :
    • They are both arrogant but really kind-hearted and wish happiness to their loved ones.
    • They are both very gifted swordswomen.
    • They love the crimson color.
    • They love red roses that symbolize their passion.
    • They adore an "art" which requires to stage, the theater for one of them, the concerts for the other.
    • And finally, they have for a hairstyle a bun.